Selon une étude norvégienne, l’interdiction des téléphones au collège améliore les résultats scolaires et la santé mentale des filles (NHH)

Sara Abrahamsson, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, « Smartphone Bans, Student Outcomes and Mental Health »

How smartphone usage affects well-being and learning among children and adolescents is a concern for schools, parents, and policymakers. Combining detailed administrative data with survey data on middle schools’ smartphone policies, together with an event- study design, I show that banning smartphones significantly decreases the health care take-up for psychological symptoms and diseases among girls. Post-ban bullying among both genders decreases. Additionally, girls’ GPA improves, and their likelihood of attending an academic high school track increases. These effects are larger for girls from low socio-economic backgrounds. Hence, banning smartphones from school could be a low-cost policy tool to improve student outcomes.

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